Mindful leaves

A short note musing on my walk to work a few weeks ago…go with it. Walking, hurriedly, texting, music listening, walking, work-thinking, absentmindedly putting my hands in my pocket and Realising: I wasn’t aware of what coat I was wearing. Sobered. Needing to ground myself I STOP. Putting aside thoughts of what others think of […]

Face towards the sun

A car-park poem. (Got your attention!) I sketched this after three minutes just standing in the car park outside my work building last Thursday. Such was my need for sun on my face and soul. A deep, visceral need. By myself, eyes closed, just standing. NLB face towards the sun, feet planted firmly. Wind blowing, […]

Lovers’ Garden

Wandering, chasing the blue dot through a maze of verdant beauty in Madrid, I chose to cut through a grassy area, unlabelled and unnoticed, had the dot not compelled me to veer off the paved path-ironically simply to seek the grey dashed path the screen dictated. Suddenly: a rich scene with sunlight dappling through the trees, lush grass […]