A (different) Political Sex Scandal

So Tim Farron, the Leader of the Liberal Democrat party has resigned because of a sex scandal!!! Well, kinda. In an interview a couple of years back Timmy said, in response to a Q about if he thought homosexuality is a sin, that ‘to understand Christianity is to understand that we are all sinners.’ Simple Christian truth! And yes, maybe some political avoidance. So out came the machine guns-he obviously hates gays & thinks they’re going to hell. Analysis over. Sigh.

The sad irony is that Tim has consistently voted FOR Gay rights, only abstaining when the Equal Marriage draft didn’t go far enough to include Trans peeps. To me that is liberal & progressive & bad arse!! But no, it’s what he (maybe) THINKS that matters.
So this week Tim quit, saying he can’t reconcile his Christian faith with the challenges of leading a progressive, liberal party today.  Personally, I think that at its core Christianity is the *most progressive* faith, given that our Leader was an oppressed, power-subverting, rule-recreating, world-changing Palestinian Jew executed for His challenges to the corrupt leaders (& for our Salvation obvs).

So it makes me wonder whether what Tim really means isn’t so much that he ‘can’t reconcile Christianity with Liberal political leadership’ (he’s been doing so very well for years!) but rather that he can’t reconcile having some traditional views in some aspects of his personal faith in a society that increasingly judges people on what they think & then wants to check the date whence they thunk it!  So many people’s views on issues like marriage, homosexuality, divorce, abortion, female equality, race, environmentalism etccccc have changed dramatically in recent years (yes, Christian views anddd the rest of society too!).  Surely liberalism should allow people to learn & grow & change? And true liberalism should mean allowing & respecting people’s right to have traditional, conservative ideas in their heads while fighting to ensure nobody discriminates against anyone because of those views? Surely, we can be allowed I defined by more than one idea, one belief, one value? Please?

I love that Tim himself said, “I’m a liberal to my finger tips, and that liberalism means that I am passionate about defending the rights and liberties of people who believe different things to me.”

Oh how I wish we had more leaders-& people on Twitter- like that! Basically, I wish we Liberals were as liberal as Tim. And as loving as Jesus.

Link to his full resignation statement here .

Liberal* Judgement?

Recently I watched a superb play about homosexual UKIP members-yep! And within a few days of that I had an interesting Facebook chat about the woman Trump has appointed Deputy National Security Advisor (never thought I’d be typing ‘Trump’ & ‘National Security Advisor’ in the same sentence unless it was in the context of a scandal!).  Anyway, the article we discussed was about her not speaking to her gay brother, even when he was dying (!!!), because she disapproved of his promiscuous lifestyle.
What’s been fascinating re the play is how surprised many people were to see that homosexuals can be right-wing, & even right-right wing, & even downright racist! Some people assumed, as many of us do, that once you’ve experienced adversity because of prejudice you’ll be predisposed to extend empathy to others.  Hmm, a beautiful ideal but come on, we human beings could make Othering** an official, planet-wide sport! So with regards to racially intolerant homosexuals-who had experienced homophobia from some ethnic minorities & thus felt threatened & resentful at their presence in Britain-do we condemn them for their racial views or praise them for their work for sexual equality? Or can we-please-allow space for both?
Hates you vs Hates your views
Image: Quickmeme.com
While these guys have complex, competing tolerant & intolerant views, Trump’s mate does not…well, actually maybe she does-you tell me.  She was understandably criticised in gay media outlets for her terrible behaviour to her brother but what caught my eye was the fact that her behaviour was implicitly linked to her being inappropriate for her job. Why? Her actions show she was-& maybe still is-a terribly disloyal, judgemental, unforgiving & unkind sister, but what’s that got to do with her job? If her private views don’t affect her work: why is this family fall out news? Isn’t this part of the same argument we’ve been making in support of homosexuals (and singles & divorcees before them) receiving the same basic respect & rights as heterosexuals? ie. If it’s private & not affecting their work leave them alone!
Now her behaviour is abhorrent to me but, as a liberal-ish chick, I believe we should be free to be as (legally) arsehole-ish in our private lives as we want to be!  And when you are, I’ll ardently discuss, blog, & petition for you to change your views & behaviour.  But I won’t condemn you for your them. (I may not be friends with you though…your loss!)
** Othering: labelling someone whom you regard as belonging to a lesser social group as ‘the Other’.
*Liberal: fullsizerender