In celebration of nudity

I’m writing from the Lounge at the airport in Switzerland at the end of a greatly enjoyable, beautiful, tiring, snowboarding holiday with my hub and a bunch of mates. Beside the stunning scenery & our friendly, handsome instructor (hee hee) was the Swiss Spa. Cue FULL NUDITY, no British prudish reservedness, just let it all hang out!

Image: Amelia Allen

To be clear, I am quintessentially English in many an area, but when it comes to physical reservation (or speaking loudly or frankly!) my Ghanaian side wins over and I fully welcome the relaxing opportunity to set aside nonsensical British prudishness re nudity. I actually genuinely think more nudity in (safe, consensual, non-sexualised) contexts like this would be beneficial.

Firstly, if adolescents went to the local swimming pool & in a safe, relaxed, respectful setting regularly saw what NORMAL bodies look like-all different, with wobbly bulges, pokey bones & marks etc- it’d help British kids who use porn for ‘sex education’ (a commonly given reason) know that it’s fake, false & thus help their real-life expectations & awareness. Similarly, it could boost body confidence for teenagers and adults alike-esp females who are bombarded with adverts to correct our skin tone/texture/wrinkles/flabbiness etcccc. To see bodies that are normal, in all different shapes & sizes would be a great counterbalance to the deceit & stress of a society where even trim, toned, personally-trained, beautiful celebrities are routinely photoshopped! And as well as the relief gained from comparing oneself to normal, uniquely shaped bodies, one’s own body-confidence would almost certainly increase as nudity at the monthly spa would allow us to accept & relax with our bodies more easily & not to depend on external validation that all our bodies are wonderful, unique, beautiful things!

Image: Everyday Body Confidence

Finally, I think it would be SO helpful as a means to un-sexualising bodies! British culture is so hyper sexualised-again, mainly re women’s bodies but men get it too. Whereas seeing men of all shapes & ages wandering around, chatting to each other stark naked & not perving off me, or other women brave/relaxed enough to leave the towel, was so positive & so safe.

So, in a society where often the first & only body one sees aside from one’s own is in a porn clip or when having sex for the first time, I think it could help us be more aware, more confident, more relaxed, and more safe in our bodies if we were just around them more!

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