A poetry night

I took a dear friend to a Poetry event last week; we listened & watched poetry students share their work and then listened to the established, well-published poet of the eve be interviewed about his work & creativity….this is one of a few short poems I wrote as the evening unfolded:

A poetry night:

Soft blue lights on black-

Sophisticated sexy chic.

White spotlights bear down, interrogating our reactions;

Ensuring we are awake in the musky air,

Heavy with pretentious anticipation, appreciation, sweat and silent respect.

As we Listen…

And clink… & sip… & critique…

White faces watch and listen as white men speak.

Photo: Robert Peake

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I'm Natalia...I'm a passionate thinker, speaker and writer who loves discussing ideas and issues - about life, purpose, society, culture, education, justice et al.. So here's my space to write about them.

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