Whyyyy Meeee?

How often a lifetime, a week, or even a day, do we impulsively decry ‘Why Me?’-be it to God or just LIFE itself? I’d venture the answer is, for many of us mortals: A Bloody Lot.

The question is bizarre, & largely rhetorical, but it seems innate to our human psyche; an internal groaning against the injustice & un-goodness which permeates life. But, perhaps it’s not innate, maybe it’s a result of our North-world, (economically) developed culture? We have, thankfully, been largely inured against so many day-to-day-life-and-death hardships, so perhaps we’re more easily struck by a sense of deprivation, attack and confusion when adversities come do along?

Personally, I hate the question! Because my deep & frustrated response is almost always ‘WHY THE HELL NOT ME? If I ask ‘Why Me?’ because of accidents, losses big & small, and deep tragedies surely I’m required to cry ‘Why Me?’ when I sleep in my warm bed having passed a homeless person? ‘Why Me?’ when I hug my absolutely amazing husband while other people far more worthy & qualified for spousehood than me grieve their lost dream of a lover & children to come home to? ‘Why Me’ when my intense pain passes & I can get up & walk, dance & crack on independently when other chronic pain sufferers frequent hospitals while I frequent bars? So basically, why the fuck not me? We all hear tales of people who smoke 500 cigarettes a day & live to 90, and yet know healthy people who get cancer. It is unfair! But, it’s equally unfair that I am happy and healthy when others are not-hence fighting to help others’ lives be better while remembering that regardless of how ‘good’ any of us (think we) are , shit. just. happens (see my blog post aptly titled ‘Shit Happens’).
Because of this view, ‘Why me?’ is a question I rarely ask…but I confess I did ask it a few weeks ago, when my pain was worse than usual and I was emotionally low & physically draaaiiined. At the time I was laying down with needles stuck in me, seeking relief through Acupuncture (God bless the NHS!), but instead I was overwhelmed by a needle literally stabbing my knee, & was near tears in pain. So, I confess, I had a little pity party in my head & cried to God ‘Why do I have to deal with this pain all the time-why me?’. The answer from God/my sub-conscious (delete as you choose) was unexpected. I expected Him/me to agree with what I’ve said above (i.e. Natalia, whyever not you, are you Miss Oh So Special?!). Instead, I felt a sense of how sorry & sad God was that I had to go through this & a simple, comforting reminder that He was with me through it. That’s all. And, in that moment, it was enough.

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I'm Natalia-Nana...I'm a passionate thinker, speaker and writer who loves discussing ideas and issues - about life, purpose, society, culture, education, justice et al.. So here's my space to write about them.

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