(Too?) High Fidelity

While this may sound bizarre to admit even though it’s a common sense fact: I know my husband may cheat on me (as may I on him). I’ve seen adultery a plenty in my life and have a great cheating & bullshit detector…I’m sure we all know the classic lines from the Cheaters Handbook, the oh so popular ‘s/he doesn’t understand me but you do’ & the tried & tested ‘I’m only staying for the children’ lines! It really is pathetically easy to cheat.

As such I recognise that my darling, devoted, absolutely incredible husband may cheat one day. Nearly every man or woman meant their wedding vows on the day but things can change, distance & resentment can grow and so the seeds for cheating can germinate (as shown so well by my beloved fictional friends Steve & Miranda in Sex & the City: if devoted, dependable Steve can, anyone can!! And so I take precautions against it for us both. For myself, I don’t hang out 1-1 or frequently with anyone to whom I’m sexually attracted. And re hub, as well as the private detective and secret tracker in his boxers (kidding!), I utilise the best defences known to mankind: observation & communication. I pay diligent attention to our relationship and, just like checking one’s breasts or scrotum for monthly changes, I check in on the quality of our relationship frequently and both of us share & listen to any concerns or unhappinesses creeping in.

OH, and since Social Media has made it far too bloody easy to sneak around I sure as hell keep an eye on who are his female Facebook friends! 😉

Lastly, I think understanding why people cheat is an essential deterrent and protection against adultery, so here’s a short, humorous but erudite animated talk by the oh so wise Alain de Botton: https://youtu.be/d079McwlBRE

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