Crying for strangers

It pains me to type these words-it actually hurts me: BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER are divorcing! What The Beep?! Now, admittedly, I don’t know these people and yet I nonetheless have opinions and attachments and expectations- and now disappointment and sadness.

I cried. I tried not to, rationalising that they’re strangers and hey, ‘it’s Hollywood so why am I surprised?’… But still, I gave in and cried. Because they seem so lovely, and happy, and chilled, and like they’re really good friends-in sum, a beacon of light in the Hollywood relationship darkness. And they have three children whose lives are now shaken – and not in the fun cocktail-making way.

So I am SAD. I am sad that they are sad and that they, and their children, have lost what was once good and bright and life-giving. I am sad that what was full of hope is now deflated; what was beautiful is now charred.  And added to this, I am sad that people don’t seem that ‘bovvered’; it’s just another divorce, another disappointment, another ‘Hollywood romance bites the dust’. There’s no weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth.

but, whatever the private pains and reasons, love, hope and security have died/dissolved/ended – a fight for love and hope has been lost, a bloody, tear-stained towel thrown in. I am sure divorcing is right for them and their family, and only they know what is best and right for them.. but, when the fight is lost, for whatever reasons, that loss is worth a little of our grief.

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