Crying for strangers

It pains me to type these words-it actually hurts me: BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER are divorcing! What The Beep?! Now, admittedly, I don’t know these people and yet I nonetheless have opinions and attachments and expectations- and now disappointment and sadness.

I cried people. I tried not to, rationalising that they’re strangers and hey, ‘it’s Hollywood so why am I surprised?’… But still I gave in and cried. Because they seem so lovely, and happy, and chilled, and like they’re really good friends-in sum, a beacon of light in the Hollywood relationship darkness. And they have three children whose lives are now shaken – and not in the fun cocktail-making way.

So I am SAD. I am sad that they are sad and that they, and their children, have lost what was once good and bright and life-giving. I am sad that what was full of hope is now deflated; what was beautiful is now charred.  And added to this, I am sad that people don’t seem that ‘bovvered’; it’s just another divorce, another disappointment, another ‘Hollywood romance bites the dust’. There’s no weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth-in short, I wanna know:

‘WHERE’S THE GRIEF PEOPLE?!’ Love, hope and security have died/dissolved/been discarded- a fight for love and hope has been lost, a bloody, tear-stained towel thrown in. And people jog on as normal.

I cannot. Marriage, love, hope, family ARE important- they are worth fighting for, and I am sure Ben and Jennifer did! But when the fight is lost, for whatever reasons, the loss is worth our grief.

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