Just say NO (to yourself)

I went shopping yesterday. It was equally enjoyable, challenging, and interesting.

I’m generally a frugal person and am not that bothered by stuff but I do have an eye and heart for beauty so unsurprisingly…I saw several things I lovedddddd.

BUT I didn’t buy them…

‘Why not?’ you ask. Well…

I’m not working this year so I have to be more careful with money and transform my buying habits as a professional women to a now dependent-on-my-kind-husband’s-money-woman. But, to be honest, that’s not even the main reason. The main reason was that I don’t *need* these things. Oh yes, I wanted them, and would have looked/smelled/felt wonderful in them: a practical yet stunning bag, a beautifully refreshing body spray and a gorgeous, striking necklace( which was on sale!). Oh, and a chic top which I loved but actually had forgotten about by the time of writing this.  I came home from shopping with my head full of the beautiful things I’d denied myself-and I felt GOOD.  I really wanted the spray but hey, I have 9 perfumes including 2 summery ones bought 2 years ago which are only half-used and still bless my olfactory sense with each spray…so a new spray wasn’t needed; the necklace was *stunning* (and suited me so well) but did I mention that I’m not working this year? So where exactly, apart from the odd birthday or date eve, would I wear it to?! So a new necklace, when I already have several, wasn’t needed either. Oh and the top, the forgettable but oh so pretty chiffon top to which I could have applied my student discount…again, I haaaavvvve pretty clothes already, so another item to clog up my already stuffed drawers was unnecessary.

Instead, I lay in bed reflecting on my day and thinking about writing this, and…I felt *proud*. I felt the GLOW of self-denial: I overcame my impulse. I denied my material whim and used my brain instead. And it was, admittedly, hard! But I felt so gooooooood: like when I make myself exercise when I really don’t wanna (it happened once and willlll happen again!). Or when I only had half the tub of ice cream instead of finishing it. Or when I wanted to text an ex during a break up and didn’t.

So now I happily gave thanks for the few things I did buy: a nice face cream & wash I had wanted for 3 months having made myself wait til mine had absolutely finished, a MAC face powder (oohh) for a friend’s wedding for which I’m a Bridesmaid, a £10 bag I *love* & will use in diff ways …oh and good ol 2 for £6 posh hair conditioner!

These treats make me smile because I have saved, waited, looked forward to them and now realllly appreciate each on 🙂

I hope you’ll join me in practising the JOY of saying NO (to ourselves) a little bit more often: trust me, it feels fabulous dahhhling!

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I'm Natalia-Nana...I'm a passionate thinker, speaker and writer who loves discussing ideas and issues - about life, purpose, society, culture, education, justice et al.. So here's my space to write about them.

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